show that in high pump power regimes, thermal effects on the generation of special beams are pronounced.
Did you mean: و تاثیر گرما بر تولید چهار پورت خاص خانواده هلمهولتز-گاوس مقایسه شده .
By increasing the pump waist, the amount of heat in the laser crystal and the temperature gradient is severely reduced, so for a large pump waist, the effect of heat on the laser output becomes negligible.
The effect of pump reshaping on the generation of thermally-affected Cosine-Gauss, Mathieu-Gauss and Bessel-Gauss beams has been also investigated. The results show that inclusion of reshaping effects in the model is strongly dependent on the pump power that is the reshaping effects can well be neglected for low pump powers whereas its effects should be taken into account when working in high pump power regimes.

1 Energy up-conversion
2 Quantum defects
3 Concentration quenching
4 Temperature gradient
5 Thermal dispersion
6 Stress
7 Strain
8 Induced birefringence
9 Thermal distortion

10 Beam quality reduction
11 Wave-front distortion

12 Profile
13 End pumping
14 Side pumping
15 Convection
16 Thermal conductivity
17 Heat source density
18 Thermal diffusivity
19 Surface heat transfer coefficient
20 Quantum defect
21 Quenching mechanism
22 Turbulent flow
23 Pump beam waist
24 Steady state
25 Fractional thermal load
26 Heat flux
27 Thermal lensing
28 Helmholtz-Gauss beams
29 Bessel-Gauss
30 Mathieu-Gauss
31 Cosine-Gauss
32 Parabolic-Gauss
33 Non-diffracting beam
34 Optical coherence tomography
35 Arbitrary angular spectrum
36 Optical path length
37 Circular cylindrical coordinates
38 Spatial light modulator
39 Half-wave plate
40 Cartesian coordinates
41 Bandres
42 Parabolic cylindrical coordinates
43 Graded-index medium
44 Strain tensor
45 Hakola
46 Pump profile reshaping
47 Optical path length

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